G.B.Railwayana Auction Saturday 21st November

To include a superb boxed collection of Wrenn model railway Locomotives

WRENN model Collection  

Wrenn W2400 Limited Edition Great Western.

Wrenn W2405 Limited edition Duchess of Atholl.

Wrenn/W2416 Limited Edition Biggin Hill

Wrenn/W2209 A4 Golden Eagle LNER green.

Wrenn/W2210 A4 Mallard LNER blue

Wrenn/W2210 AM2 A4 Golden Fleece.

Wrenn/W2211 A4 Mallard BR Green.

Wrenn/W2211A A4 Silver Link BR Green.

Wrenn/W2212 A4 Sir Nigel Gresley.

Wrenn/W2213 A4 Peregrine

Wrenn/W2219 LMS 2-6-4 Tank LMS Maroon

Triang Wrenn/W2219 LMS Tank Maroon

Wrenn/W2219 LMS tank unlined Maroon

Wrenn/W2221 Cardiff Castle.

Wrenn/W2221A Bristol Castle BR Green.

Wrenn/W2222 Devizies Castle GWR Green.

Wrenn/W2223 Windsor Castle BR Blue.

Wrenn/W2247 Clun Castle.

Wrenn/W2225A LMS black 8F 8233.

Wrenn/W2281 WD 8F.

Wrenn/No 2224 8F Early Box

Wrenn/W2216 LNER Tank BR Black.

Wrenn/W2217 LNER Tank LNER Green

Wrenn/Pullman W6000 W6002H W6001A W6002D W6002V

Wrenn/Pullman W6004A W6003 W6005.

Wrenn/W2205A SR Tank BR Black

Wrenn/W2207 SR Tank SR Green.

Wrenn/W6000 W6001 W6002 set 2.

Wrenn/W6000 W6001 W6002.







WRENN model Collection

Wrenn W2402 Limited Edition Sir Eustace Missenden.

Wrenn/W2409 Limited Edition 8F

Wrenn/W2411 Limited Edition Royal Mail

Wrenn/W2226 AM2 City of Carlisle.

Wrenn/W2226 City Of London.

Wrenn/W2226 M2 City of London.

Wrenn/W2227 City Of Stoke On Trent.

Wrenn/W2228 City of Birmingham

Wrenn/W2228 M2 City Of Birmingham.

Wrenn/W2228A City of Edinburgh BR Green.

Wrenn/W2229 BR Blue City of Glasgow.

Wrenn/W2286 City of Leicester BR Black.

Wrenn/W2230 Class 20 BR Blue.

Wrenn/W2230 Class 20 BR Green

Wrenn/W2235 West Country Barnstaple.

Wrenn/W2236 West Country Dorchester

W2236A West Country Bodmin BR Green

Wrenn/W2238 Merchant Navy Clan Line.

Wrenn/W2239 West Country Eddystone BR Green.

Wrenn/W2266 West Country Plymouth SR Green.

Wrenn/W2267 BR Blue Merchant Navy Lamport and Holt Line.

Wrenn/W2268 West Country BR Blue Yeovil.

Wrenn/W2269 Sir Keith Park-Golden Arrow.

Wrenn/W3004-5 Pullman Set Blue Grey

Wrenn/W3006-7 Pullman Set Brown Cream.

Wrenn/W6006 W6007 W6008.

Wrenn/W6009 W6010 W 6011.

Wrenn Set 3 West Country Barnstaple Pullman set.






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