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GWR Nameplates Tortworth Court, Plymouth ex Bulldog, SR Nameplate Blundell's, GNR(I) Nameplates Errigal and Antrim.

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Updated: 10.08.2017

GWR Locomotive Nameplates: Plymouth and Tortworth Court

GWR Nameplate Tortworth Court ex Saint 2955

GWR Nameplate Plymouth ex Bulldog 3353

SR Locomotive Nameplate Blundells

Southern Railway Schools class Nameplate Blundell's

GNR(I) Irish Locomotive Nameplates Errigal and Antrim

GNR(I) Irish nameplate Errigal ex Class S no 170

GNR(I) Irish nameplate Antrim ex Class U No 204

Cabside Numberplates

GWR Cabside 2955 ex Tortworth Court GWR Cabside 8480

GWR Cabside 2069



 BR-W Smokebox numberplate 9753   

Worksplates Diesel 

 Worksplate Del 104  Worksplate Del 224

Brush Traction Worksplate  Worksplate Built 1960 Swindon



BR Eastern Region Totem Sign Needham  BR Western Region Totem Sign Newton Abbot

BR Midland Region Totem Sign Blundell Sands & Crosby

GWR Lamp Tablet 

GWR lamp tablet Lavington

Finger & Carriage Boards

Carriage board Exeter Kingswear Dartmouth Carriage board Plymouth Truro

Carriage board Plymouth Millbay Manchester London Road Carriage board Ledbury Stratford Upon Avon

Carriage board Kingswear Taunton Carriage board Hungerford Paddington

Somerset and Dorset Railway Fingerboard

Loco / Guards Van Lamps

Midland Railway Lamp   GWR Guards Van Lamp


Superb Collection of Steam Worksplates

Irish including one from Errigal

Beyer Peacock 1913 Ex Errigal GNR(I) Dundalk

Midland and Great Wetern 1904 Broadstone Works LMS NCC 1930 Belfast

GWR,  Rhymney, Barry, and Taff Vale Railway

barry railway ex b1 275 

ex gwr 6748   GWR ex 8704

   barry railway ex b1 270  gwr ex 7787

gwr ex 8748   gwr ex 9422

taff vale railway ex 04 291   gwr ex 7716

taff vale railway ex 04 203 / 313   gwr ex 9494

rhymney railway rebuilt 1906 caerphilly   gwr ex 8483

gwr ex 7744  rhymney railway ex r1 73

GNR and LNER  including 9 X 5's York & Stephenson


lner ex 69196   LNER ex Q6 63420

LNER ex Q6 ex 63386  lner v1 ex 67676

lnerex b1 61053   lner ex j77 68410

  lner ex j26 65776  lner ex n15 69172

  lner ex sentinal 8153 68153  lner ex j37 4619 64619

  lner ex j51 68793  lner ex j50 68922

  lner ex b1 31307     lner ex l1 67769

lner ex j11 64305    lner ex b1 61182

German and South African


German Deutche ex ww2 locomotive Borsig German Deutche ex ww2 locomotive wiener lokfabrik

German Deutche ex ww2 locomotive Arnold Jung  South african ex 0-4-0 tank  

Single Line Tokens / Tablets / Keys / Shelfplates