Auction Notices 


For enquiries about descriptions contact Simon: 01386 760109

Weekdays between 9.0am to 7.0pm and weekends 10.0am to 5.0pm

For enquiries about bidding and results contact: Simon: 01386 760109

Telephone & Email Enquiries/Bids on auction items can only be made up to 3 pm on the Friday preceding the auction.

For emails please use

Please don’t enquire about results before 1pm on the Monday following the auction.

Auction results are published on our Website on the evening after the sale.


Are required to post the Form in the catalogue or submit a completed webform found via the link on the website catalogue page  Internet Online Registration, Commission/Absentee Bids and Telephone Bid Bookings must be completed before 8.00pm on the Friday preceding the auction.

Note that simultaneous telephone bidding is accepted only on items with an estimated value of £500 or above. Auction results are published on our Website the day following the sale.

Please don’t enquire about results before 1pm on the Monday following the auction. Successful Commission Bidders can either collect lots in person, or we may be able to deliver to major events for collection in person.

Both options carry a charge of £6 inc Vat per invoice and are subject to size restrictions. GWRA will not accept responsibility for any breakages whilst items are in transit. 

Note: G.W. Railwayana Auctions Ltd do not provide postage, packing or shipping services for this we suggest you contact Mailboxes etc Worcester 01905 732830 who will collect from our premises and pack and ship on your behalf.


Our staff will be only too pleased to help anyone with any disability. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have difficulty with any aspect of the auction.


Unsolicited ‘touting’ for business is totally unacceptable, unethical and can be distressing for our customers, anyone reported to us for actions of this nature including handing out of leaflet’s  will be excluded from attending any future GWRA auctions. Additionally, you are asked not to set out any kind of trading stall whatsoever or trade from car boots, within the confines of the school, including the car parks, hired by GWRA. If you wish to Trade at GWRA, please do so within the law and request an inside Stall.


Strictly no bags or large coats are allowed in the viewing area. Please don't take offence if challenged.


The school has a no smoking policy. If you must smoke, please do so outside and respect the cleanliness of the school surrounds


Our thanks go to the following that assisted at times with research, Dr Richard Furness (Posters), David Love (Worksplates), Michael Dunn (Signalling), Richard Strange and the HSBT Project (Locomotive history), Mark Jepson (Whistles)